PUBG Sneaks In War Mode

Starting today, May 3, the event “War Mode” is back for a limited time.

10 teams of 5 players will be grouped together on the Miramar map for an all out Team Deathmatch. There will be a static safe zone that is “slightly larger” than the last event. You will also spawn with top-of-the-line equipment including a level 3 helmet and vest, 2 grenades, and one random weapon that is usually found only in care packages.

To win, you must score 200 points by killing and knocking down other players. If you do get killed, you will respawn in a plane, and it only takes 2 seconds to revive a knocked teammate.

For those wanting that bridge between COD and PUBG, this is the mode for you! The event ends 7 PM PDT / 10 PM ET on May 6 so get in while you can. More details are available through Steam.


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