Nintendo Switch: No Plans for Virtual Console


Nintendo has been beating around the bush since pre-launch for their fastest selling console, regarding the intent to introduce the virtual console feature as seen on the Wii systems.

Nintendo still has not confirmed nor denied their plans for a virtual console, however, other companies have been making it clear this feature will never make it onto the switch. Publishers such as Square Enix, SNK, and Capcom have showcased their plan for releasing collections of classic 8-bit and 16-bit games for the Switch. Nintendo themselves have worked with Hamster to release vintage arcade games as well as Sega announcing their revival of the Sega Ages line of classic console and arcade games. We are still going to be seeing retro games just not in the form we thought.

We will still be able to see classic Nintendo games under the umbrella of the NSO (Nintendo Switch Online) service, but is indeed a blow to fans that were expecting to see this feature in its full form.

There’s always the NES and SNES classic, right?


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