Puddle of Thieves Upgrades to Wading Pool


Beautiful graphical effects was hardly a redeeming quality for a game that was lackluster since its release. However, Sea of Thieves is adding new features to entice gamers back into the water.

Players can now make their crews private as well as sail on any size ship. Prior to this announcement, players were not able to limit their crews to just a group of friends. You were also not allowed to sail a large ship unless you had a full group. For instance, if you were a 3-man team, you would be assigned a random 4th crew member to make up the difference. Now, players can specify if their crew is closed to lock it down to the invited party members only to keep random players from joining. You can also sail on the largest of galleons by yourself or simply one other crew member.

Sounds great, right? Well, the new feature is currently bugged and was removed from the game this morning (with much surprise…). We shall see, if and when this is fixed, that this will be enough to swab the poop deck that is Sea of Thieves.


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