Best Buy Shuts Down Gamers Club


Best Buy has made buying video games a breeze with their Gamers Club Unlocked program. A two-year membership used to cost $30. It offered 20% off all new video games and pre-orders as well as receiving 10% off used games an an extra 10% trade-in credit. According to a leaked memo, the GCU program will be shuttered. Current members will still receive their benefits until their subscriptions expire, but no new customers will be able to subscribe. At least there’s still Amazon.

Here is a quote from the memo:

For a variety of reasons, we have decided that our Gamers Club programs will not be accepting new members. This includes both the free Gamers Club membership and Gamers Club Unlocked (GCU). Current members will continue to receive their benefits and we encourage everyone else to use our ‘My Best Buy’ membership to receive perks, including receiving a $10 reward certificate when pre-ordering select, hot games.

This afternoon, POS will stop prompting enrollment and employees should no longer offer Gamers Club Unlocked to new customers.


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