PC Gaming Show E3 2018 Lineup!

We feel that this is by far the weakest press conference of E3 aside from Devolver. This conference was very long and was seemingly lack luster. Even with Day9 at the helm, it was very dry. To save you time on watching the whole thing, here is the list of games (33 of them) announced along with their trailers:



Neo Cab


Mavericks: Proving Grounds


The Forgotten City


Star Control: Origins


Hunt: Showdown


Archangel: Hellfire


The Sinking City


Warframe: The Sacrifice


Best of Japan – Sega (5 games)


Killing Floor 2 – Summer Sideshow: Treacherous Skies


Road Redemption (TripWire debuting as a publisher)


Man Eater


Bravery Network: Online






Jurassic World: Evolution




Night Call




Genesis Alpha One


Don’t Starve: Hamlet


Just Cause 4


Overkill’s The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead: The Final Season




Two Point Hospital


Realm Royale




ANNO 1800


Rapture Rejects


Hitman 2


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