Event Pass Now Available in PUBG

This Friday, June 22, PUBG is getting what they are calling an “Event Pass.” It will be a progression-based system with unlockables that will come alongside the introduction of the long-awaited Sanhok map on PC.

The first event pass is Sanhok-themed and will last for one month. PUBG Corp. stated it will include “dozens of missions, including daily missions, weekly missions, and Sanhok-specific missions.”

As you complete these missions and level up, they may unlock rewards. These rewards are not tradable or maketable, unlike the other items you can receive via keys and crates. There are two available options for the event pass: Free or Premium. The free option allows players to “temporarily unlock many of the items,” whereas the premium (paid) option allows players to permanently acquire “a ton of exclusive items.”

The developer also stated “your mission progress is always tracked, so you can buy the Event Pass late in the event and still get all the rewards you’ve earned.”

Currently, the price has not yet been mentioned, so check PUBG’s Steam page for updates. Competing with Fortnite is one thing, but suing them for plagiarism might not be the best option when they themselves are using a “battle pass-like” feature in their game. Time will tell how this all plays out.


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