Free Steam Game, But Hurry!

If you are a fan of the RTS genre, Swords & Soldiers HD will be available for free on Steam for the next 24 hours, ending on June 21.

Swords & Soldiers is a cartoony side-scrolling RTS from 2010 that has Vikings, Aztecs, and Chinese forces against one another where you fight in an effort to win the favor of the gods. You gather resources, build units, and use magic and brute force to defeat your opponent and destroy their castle. It has a well-built single-player campaign as well as numerous multiplayer modes.

GameSpot awarded this game an 8/10 in their review. See their comments below:

It may not be as serious or ponderous as other RTS games out there, but don’t let its appearance fool you: Swords & Soldiers is a great example of its genre, and its simple controls and abounding good humor are likely to engage even those who have never dipped their controllers into the strategy pool.

If you download this game for free and find that you are enjoying it, you can pre-order Swords & Soldiers II Shawarmageddon for $20 on Steam. Ronimo Games, the developer, also launched a Kickstarter campaign to add more content with various backer rewards.


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