New Balance Changes on Siege Test Server

A new patch is hitting the Rainbow 6 Siege test servers and along with it a ton of balance changes, some that have been asked for and others eh…. Here’s the rundown:

Gameplay Changes:

  • Finka’s stuns have been replaced by frags
  • Finka’s Smoke gas canisters damage has been modified from 2 to 1.5
  • IQ’s frags have been replaced by claymore
    • Her Electronic detector range is now 15M instead of 20M
  • Blackbeards shield has been nerfed – it now has 50HP
    • There has been a slight boost in movement while using shields, when the shield is equipped, the movement speed is slowed by 30%
  • Dokkaebi’s claymore mines have been replaced by stun grenades

Known Issues:

  • Some weapons have a different recoil pattern, or feel. (K1A1 and M249)

Bug Fixes:

Fixed – Add “Drone deployment” option to “Controls” option.

Fixed – Multiple actions in Customize Controls can be bound to the same key, causing issues.

Fixed – Coastline – The operator’s feets are clipping through a wall at 2F Penthouse.

Redditors have also commented on changes that have not been included on the patch notes including a buff for Blackbeards AR to 49 damage, a nerf for Dokkaebi increasing the time to put away her tablet, and a nerf to Finka’s Nano boost down to 10 seconds from 20.

While Finkas nerf was a long time coming, many argue that removing IQs frag grenades and reducing her range on her gadget will effectively neuter into uselessness.

The balance changes are only on the test server so we shall see if they stick.


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