Rainbow Six Siege Instantly Banning for Slurs

In an effort to curb toxicity, Ubisoft has implemented a system that instantly bans players for the usage of racial slurs in text chat. Many community members on Reddit have reported the effectiveness and speed at which the ban occurs, usually within seconds of the offense. The ban lengths appear to vary, from 30 minutes to full days, depending on previous infractions.

While Ubisofts strict stance on fighting toxicity should be applauded, the system doesn’t appear to be perfect. One Reddit user claimed he was incorrectly banned for stating his own ethnicity (in his case as a “Paki”) which in some cases could construed be as offensive, but from his perspective as a Pakistani perfectly PC.

The system does seem to need fine-tuning and Ubisoft did promise other sorely-needed chat functions such as muting in the future. In the meantime, we will have to see what kind of impact this automated system will have.


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