No More Pre-Order Discount from Amazon Prime

On August 28th, Amazon Prime’s 20% discount on video game pre-orders will be officially removed. The good news is, there is a replacement incentive: Prime members will instead receive store credit to pre-order games through Amazon.

This does, of course, come with its own caveat. Only pre-orders of “select video games” will come with the offered $10 store credit, according to the new TOS. If you are to pre-order a qualifying item, there is up to a 35-day wait to receive the $10 via email, and will be valid for 60 days after activation.

Amazon appears to be taking after the Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked which also came with a 20% discount on games, but was shut down just a few months ago. The remaining My Best Buy program also gives customers $10 credit for pre-ordering select games.

This will be an interesting turn for Amazon. They have also revamped their TOS for Twitch Prime with how you can subscribe to your favorite streamers. Hopefully all of these changes will be for the better, both for the company itself and consumers.


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