Who We Are

Ctrl Salt Delete is a crew of 3 best friends that have joined forces to express their love (and hatred) of video games. We started out as an audio-only format and have been evolving since our start in June 2017. We bring with us over 20 years of gaming experience in many genres and platforms. Our goal is to educate and entertain all who wish to hear about the wonders of video games from the mouths and minds of non-industry professionals.

Home Page

See all post updates right here on the front page. These updates include news articles, reviews, podcast episodes, and more. We strive to give you a little something extra with each post and include the unique CSD Cast flair.


The true essence of Ctrl Salt Delete is our weekly podcast. We take great care in providing high-quality audio and content to your ear holes. Our weekly content provides in-depth discussions about the latest video games as well as a variety of other topics. Special guests also appear from time to time and as we grow, will have many more to come.

The Crew

Peter Park – The host of the show and avid Nintendo lover. It all starts here. Peter laid the foundation for what CSD Cast is today. His gaming intuition and comedic anecdotes make him a very energetic and entertaining host.

Tony Brattoli – The producer, co-host, and avid Nintendo lover #2. Tony Brattoli has been raging while playing video games since he was 4 years old. It is not uncommon to uncover a broken controller from a storage box. He has since softened up and brings his own style to the podcast. He also records and produces our episodes each week and makes sure our show’s heart remains beating.

Matthew Greigo – The third amigo, co-host, and avid Nintendo lover #3. Matt has extensive knowledge in many areas. When it comes to video games, he brings with him very keen analytics and insights that always add more flavor to our discussions. He is our resident FPS and strategy game expert as well as our acting life coach.