Overwatch gets Overhauled

Blizzard has announced an upcoming patch for their popular hero shooter, Overwatch. This patch has been labeled a "remaster" in an email from Blizzard. According to Kotaku, the patch is intended to improve load times, optimize memory for “constrained systems,” reduce hard drive space used by the PS4 version, fix bugs “across many maps,” and … Continue reading Overwatch gets Overhauled


New World of Warcraft Cinematic: “Old Soldier”

For those who are not following the new lore for World of Warcraft, a new cinematic was released by Blizzard called "Old Soldier." It briefly summarizes the battle for Azeroth and the struggle Saurfang is going through being a part of the Horde through this new time of war. Check it out here for yourself … Continue reading New World of Warcraft Cinematic: “Old Soldier”

Overwatch – Legendary Edition Announced

5/14/2018 Blizzard announces a new version of their Overwatch game called Legendary Edition. This will release alongside the 2-year anniversary event on May 22nd. The Legendary Edition will come with the base game and includes 15 skins (not specified). It is also only being release digitally. Blizzard stated that this edition includes "sets of Legendary, … Continue reading Overwatch – Legendary Edition Announced