Episode 49.5B: Hammers and Switchaxes

Woo wee! Hello everyone! This week we talk about our personal weeks, video game news, and games we've played. And oh have we played some games. Our naming convention is still on point. Matt is out for this episode but we will hopefully have him back for the big 5-0. Thank you for joining us … Continue reading Episode 49.5B: Hammers and Switchaxes


July 2018 Video Game Releases – Full List

This year has had many exciting titles released since the beginning of January. As July is officially underway, we have Gamespot's prepared list of titles with their release dates, and platforms for which they will be releasing. Phew, that sentence was a doozy.  Let's just take a look: Game Platform Release Date Jurassic World Evolution(Physical) … Continue reading July 2018 Video Game Releases – Full List

PUBG Corp. Drops Lawsuit Against Epic Games

The big lawsuit between two Battle Royale game developers, Epic Games (Fortnite) and PUBG Corp. (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds),  has made headlines this month. Since Tencent has a stake in both companies, we were very curious as to how this would pan out. According to a report from Bloomberg, PUBG Corp. has officially withdrawn its lawsuit against … Continue reading PUBG Corp. Drops Lawsuit Against Epic Games