Event – Spectacled Spirits

The first event is coming for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, called Spectacled Spirits. This event will run from 10 pm 12/13 - 10 pm 12/16. In this event, limited time legend-class and Ace-class spirits will appear on the Spirit Board. These spirits include James McCloud, Jeff, Brittany, and Brewster. For more information, read the in-game … Continue reading Event – Spectacled Spirits


Overwatch gets Overhauled

Blizzard has announced an upcoming patch for their popular hero shooter, Overwatch. This patch has been labeled a "remaster" in an email from Blizzard. According to Kotaku, the patch is intended to improve load times, optimize memory for “constrained systems,” reduce hard drive space used by the PS4 version, fix bugs “across many maps,” and … Continue reading Overwatch gets Overhauled

PUBG Corp. Drops Lawsuit Against Epic Games

The big lawsuit between two Battle Royale game developers, Epic Games (Fortnite) and PUBG Corp. (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds),  has made headlines this month. Since Tencent has a stake in both companies, we were very curious as to how this would pan out. According to a report from Bloomberg, PUBG Corp. has officially withdrawn its lawsuit against … Continue reading PUBG Corp. Drops Lawsuit Against Epic Games

New Switch E-Shop Update

The E-Shop UI has been updated including: A "Featured" Tab Deals tab being renamed to "Great Deals" Selecting a publisher will show their available games "Your subscriptions" option Best Sellers tab shows up to 30 games and can be sorted between all and download-only Credit to Nintendeal on the update!