Event – Spectacled Spirits

The first event is coming for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, called Spectacled Spirits. This event will run from 10 pm 12/13 - 10 pm 12/16. In this event, limited time legend-class and Ace-class spirits will appear on the Spirit Board. These spirits include James McCloud, Jeff, Brittany, and Brewster. For more information, read the in-game … Continue reading Event – Spectacled Spirits


July 2018 Video Game Releases – Full List

This year has had many exciting titles released since the beginning of January. As July is officially underway, we have Gamespot's prepared list of titles with their release dates, and platforms for which they will be releasing. Phew, that sentence was a doozy.  Let's just take a look: Game Platform Release Date Jurassic World Evolution(Physical) … Continue reading July 2018 Video Game Releases – Full List