Smash Ultimate – Version 1.2.0 Update

If you've been playing the fastest-selling Super Smash Bros. of all time, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, you may have found a pop-up on your screen that a new update will be going live next week. We are hoping that this may fix some of the problems many players are facing using the online mode, but … Continue reading Smash Ultimate – Version 1.2.0 Update


Overwatch gets Overhauled

Blizzard has announced an upcoming patch for their popular hero shooter, Overwatch. This patch has been labeled a "remaster" in an email from Blizzard. According to Kotaku, the patch is intended to improve load times, optimize memory for “constrained systems,” reduce hard drive space used by the PS4 version, fix bugs “across many maps,” and … Continue reading Overwatch gets Overhauled

No More Pre-Order Discount from Amazon Prime

On August 28th, Amazon Prime's 20% discount on video game pre-orders will be officially removed. The good news is, there is a replacement incentive: Prime members will instead receive store credit to pre-order games through Amazon. This does, of course, come with its own caveat. Only pre-orders of "select video games" will come with the … Continue reading No More Pre-Order Discount from Amazon Prime